Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dog doo and the global meltdown

Walking with my children a couple of evenings ago, we saw an older lady stoop over to pick up her dog's doo with a little plastic bag. Reflecting on it, I started wondering if it is an act of love or was there anything else behind the act

Then the image of me, in Paris circa 1982, walking with my head lowered down to scan my steps to avoid walking into doo popped into my head. At the time, if one did not pay enough attention to the placement of their steps, it was extremely likely that they would end with doo all over their shoe.

I do not believe that our older Canadian lady loves her dog any more than the legions of dog owners in Paris. Dogs seemed to be well loved in Paris as I recalled mentioning to my friends after the trip that I saw more dogs than kids in Paris.

Then the word "regulation" lighted up in my mind. The difference between Montreal and Paris '82 is due to laws in place that fine dog owners for not picking up after their beloved dogs.

This led me to surmise that the global meltdown in part was a result of under regulation. Adding to the greed was an attitude of "Après
moi la déluge" which ended costing us all a lot more than those who did the decisions.

My apologies to the residents of Paris. Maybe by now, you have put some laws in place to protect those tourists who like to look up and enjoy the scenery. A thank you goes to the older lady who got me thinking and sorry if I misjudged your love.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Some of Paulo Coelho's quotes

This is an experiment to see if the code works. the quotations are classic Coelho.

You can flip pages and read different quotations...

Which one resonates with you?