Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Greetings across all channels

For my birthday this year, I received greeting on many different media and through different channels.

Physically / interactive

  • In person (family and friends). Kisses and hugs included!
  • Phone calls

  • via-chat
Electronically / not interactive
  • Facebook : mostly comments on my wall

  • E-mail (multiple accounts, including Facebook)

  • Voicemail

  • Skype messages (offline)

  • Chat messages (offline)

  • On paper via good old mail

Interesting to me was the fact that I received the largest number of my greetings electronically on my Facebook wall. This is a shift from last year in which the majority were received via e-mail and on the phone. The saddest part for me (as an origami enthusiast) is that I only received a few letters and cards from friends in the mail (or in person).

Time to think about reviving the tradition of mailing letters to our friends... I will admit to being deficient in this area despite the fact that I am a member of elfa and I love paper folding.

Join elfa-e (the envelope and letter folding association's e-mail list) by sending an e-mail to elfa-e@yahoogroups.com . As an incentive for you start sending beautiful mail; I will send you if you (a subjectively beautiful) envelope if you send me via e-mail your mailing address...