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Dr. Jay Conger - overview

To understand Dr. Conger and the evolution of his thought processes over time, the best place to start would be his Curriculum Vitae. This CV is found on the website for the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business Link to PDF...

A couple of points of interest:

  • He is a Harvard graduate in Organizational Behaviour. His doctoral thesis was on "Charismatic Leadership in Business".
  • He worked in Montreal for 10 years approximately starting as an assistant professor at McGill and ending as a Professor of Management in Organizational Behaviour (1995).
  • He teaches at the London Business School and the University of Southern California - Center for Effective Organizations

Reading through his publications, books, chapters in books the broad patterns of his research and practice come out:

  • Charismatic Leadership
  • Persuasion
  • Training Leadership
  • Board and CEO performance and Improvement
  • Leadership Change
  • Leadership and the Spirit

Now for some references:

  • BusinessWeek Oct 15, 2001 edition. Dr. Conger is ranked 5th in the Top Management Gurus. Link to article...
  • Excellence 100: Feb 2005 edition of Leadership Excellence. Dr. Conger is ranked 27th. There are many excellent articles in the edition Link to PDF... which could be found on Eileen McDaragh's web page (
  • Thought Leadership and "Coaching for Leadership Development In this article The Coaching Landscape by Linkage Link to PDF..., you will find a "survol" of coaching trends and Linkage's view on the profession of coaching and trends in coaching.

A couple of excerpts and summaries picked randomly:

Winning 'Em Over: A New Model for Managing in the Age of Persuasion.

Four steps are provided building credibility, finding common ground, developing compelling positions, and connecting emotionally--that he contends will help managers more effectively direct their employees toward this goal (Link to source...)

In Learning to Lead, London Business School professor Jay Conger usefully identifies four key components for leadership development initiatives, whether university based, independently managed, or company sponsored: (1) develop and refine teachable skills; (2) improve conceptual abilities; (3) tap into the individual's personal needs, interests and self-esteem, and (4) help participants see and move beyond their interpersonal blocks.
Link to source...

The 2001 Conference Board report, “Developing Business Leaders for 2010”, explores a variety of experimental approaches companies are using to develop leadership skills for the future. A selection of these are reprinted below for your information (Copyright The Conference Board): Link to article...
A number of companies are moving beyond today's best practices to explore new ways to meet anticipated leadership needs. Jay Conger, Val Markos, and Jim Shanley all suggest that the highest development leverage in the next decade will come primarily from refining and implementing existing best practices in leadership development. But those interviewed did highlight some potential new approaches that can amplify and extend these practices.Experimental approaches include innovative ideas not yet developed, newly developed approaches that are still experimental, and the refinement of existing approaches. These emerging interventions can be grouped into four basic categories:

  • Adaptations of current practices — apprenticeships, sponsorships, group mentoring, off-site retreats;
  • Technology enabled — executive chat rooms, thought leader access, e-learning advances,e-mentoring/shadowing, business simulations;
  • Renewed emphasis — decision making, scenario planning, self-awareness, work/life balance; and,
  • Outside positions/projects — "loaning" employees, projects with charitable organizations, community leadership.

To finish off

To finish off this entry, I leave you with an Interview with Jay A. Conger by Ann On-Line (
Link to article... . A great listen (45 minutes long)...

Miscellaneous articles referencing Conger

I picked several articles from different sources to generate discussion and thought on specific themes advocated by Dr. Conger:

Best of T+D - On Leaders and Charisma Link to PDF...

Three feature articles from this year’s annual Leadership Issue: March 2003
1 The New Core of Leadership— How to use power, tension, ideas, and other elements to lead effectively
2 The Myth of Charismatic Leaders— Leaders with charisma can lead people to disaster, so step to the forefront yourself
3 A Boot to the System— Military-style training served as a wake-up call to leaders at General
Physics to make major changes in their leadership approaches

BearingPoint - L’Art d’être Leader

Avec cette série exceptionnelle d'articles, Le Figaro Entreprises et BearingPoint ont contribué à animer la réflexion stratégique au cœur des entreprises. Chaque article était accompagné du témoignage d’une personnalité impliquée dans l’art d’être leader
Link to article...

Spirituality: The Emerging Context for Business Leadership Link to article...

this article provides an wide ranging view on spirtuality at work

Can Leadership Be Taught? Perspectives From Management Educators Interview and Commentary by JONATHAN P. DOH

Villanova University Academy of Management Learning and Education, 2003, Vol. 2, No. 1, 54–67.
Link to PDF...

Several interviews including one with Dr. Conger.

Managing organizational change Communication and change

ISO Management Systems – May-June 2003

Link to PDF...

Individual director evaluations: The next step in boardroom effectiveness
By Jay A. Conger and Edward Lawlor III
IVEY MANAGEMENT SERVICES • September/October 2003

Can We Really Train Leadership? By Jay Conger Leadership programs offer everything from white-water rafting to encounter groups. But do they really train leaders? Yes, if they take a multi-tiered approach and recognize that it takes skill and time to succeed. Link to source...

Charismatic Leadership

Global Perspectives, Ray Berndtson ( ), Summer 1997

Link to PDF...

Leadership Research: serious topic for the social sciences? Deanne den Hartog
European Business Forum (EBF) ( )
Link to article...

No More Rubber Stamp - Engaging the board in corporate strategy
By David Nadler From Mercer Management Journal 17

Link to PDF...